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*Your results may vary based on physical health and adherence to the program. No weight loss guarantees are provided or implied.

Customized Online Weight Loss Programs for $297!

With the launch of our new app,  we are now able to function 100% virtually. Meet with your health coaches via video call and get all your supplements shipped to your front door!

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Lose the Weight...Where You Want!

Every weight loss program now includes our new Viora technology. These machines can target your weight loss in those stubborn areas. With our weight loss program there is:

  • No Exercise Needed

    Our clients lose weight WITHOUT vigorous hours wasted at the gym.

  • No Hunger or Cravings

    Our food and supplement regimen is designed to keep you feeling satisfied and healthy.

  • No Drugs or Shots

    We work on healing your body from the inside out with our all-natural supplements and foods.

  • Drop 30-50 lbs Guaranteed*

    We promise to stand by you until you reach your weight loss goals. Call the office on details on our guarantee.

Other Weight Loss Programs Vs. Custom Health Centers

Stop wasting your money on big-name weight loss programs. These programs are designed for the masses without taking your unique needs in mind. The time period to lose is far longer, and you'll end up paying so much more than you would to get the 1-on-1 health coaching that you deserve. Make the switch now and start making lasting changes in your health and life.

Time Period to Lose 30lbs 20+ Weeks 40-60 Days
Fat Burning No Yes
Doctor Supervised No Yes
Targeted Weight Loss No Yes
Boosts Metabolism No Yes
Resets Weight Set Point No Yes
Eliminates Hunger & Cravings No Yes
Utilizes Viora Technology No Yes
Guaranteed Results No Yes
Calorie Restrictive Yes No
Harmful Artificial Sweeteners & Ingredients Yes No
Cost Per Pound Higher Lower

Meet Terri!

“Trust me, if I can do this anyone can! Start planning your celebrations of the victories along the way now!”

Total Weight Loss:

85 lbs

Our Secret to Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

In 5 Easy to Follow Steps


Meet with a Health Coach!

The first step is to meet one on one with a health coach. Not only will you receive a Body Composition Analysis with great insights into your health, but we will also be able to set your goals and start to design a road map to your weight loss success.


Customize a Weight Loss Program

Most weight loss programs skip customizing a plan. They help you lose weight but that weight loss is not addressing your personal needs or teaching you how to make your weight loss a sustainable change in your life.  Our goal is to make this the last weight loss program that you ever need!


Eat Real Food For Real Results

At Custom Health Centers we believe that food is the spice of life. We will teach you how to eat well, all while entertaining guests, going out to eat, and even feeding that sweet tooth! Enjoy a delicious assortment of guilt-free foods while on our program. You don't need to sacrifice your taste buds to lose weight on this program!

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Maintain Your Weight Loss

Unlike other weight loss companies, we stick by you after you've reached your goals. Our health coaches walk beside you for 6 months to help transition you into a lifestyle where you can maintain your weight loss.


Target Trouble Areas

With our new revolutionary Viora body shaping machines we can use RF technology to target stubborn fat and sculpt your body in ways traditional dieting and exercise cannot achieve. Tighten skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and lose inches with every treatment.


Success Stories

Our clients have already lost hundreds of thousands of pounds, with the average person losing 20 lbs or more...are you next!? 

Individual results may vary.  Contact the office for details.  Expect to lose 2-3 lbs per week.

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