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Whether you’re in Novi, Sterling Heights, Taylor, or Lake Orion, we have a plan for you.

60 Day Metabolic Transformation

Now Including 10 Months of Lifestyle!
  • Customized For You Meeting your individual needs!
  • All Inclusive Pricing No hidden fees!
  • 1-on-1 Health Coaching Get the personalized support you need!
  • Rapid Results You'll see our program working!

Everything You Need to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Enjoy an all-inclusive plan with NO hidden fees!

Find out how we've helped thousands of Metro-Detroiters in the Novi, MI area lose hundreds of thousands of pounds and together celebrate victories such as dropping pant sizes, increased energy, and decreasing health risks! Schedule a free consultation to get started on your weight loss journey today.

Eat Great, and Lose Weight at Custom Health Centers!

At Custom Health Centers we believe that food is the spice of life. We will teach you how to eat well, all while entertaining guests, going out to eat, and even feeding that sweet tooth! Enjoy a delicious assortment of guilt-free foods while on our program. You don't need to sacrifice your taste buds on this weight loss plan!


What's Included in Our 60 Day Metabolic Transformation?

10 Months of Complementary Lifestyle Coaching

We understand the hardest part of weight loss is keeping the weight off! We stand by you for two months while you adjust to your new body and lifestyle!

Individual Wellness Coaching

Enjoy white glove coaching service, where our health coaches are customizing an approach for your individual needs. 

Mindset Renewal Coaching

This is not just a weight loss program, at Custom Health Centers we want this to be a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change requires a change in mindset. Enjoy weekly calls with a health coach where we keep your goals on the forefront of your mind.

Customized Plant-Based Supplement Package

By addressing your health first, we see better weight loss results. We provide a line of top-of-the-line natural supplements designed to aid your bodies individual needs.

Body Composition Analysis

There's more to weight loss than losing pounds! Using the latest science and technology we are able to pinpoint important information about your bodies composition, such as fat percentage, water percentage, and metabolic age. 

Fat Burning Urinalysis

Using the latest science, we test the ketone levels in your body so we know for a fact that our program is working and you're body has moved into fat burning.

Weight Loss Journal

This journal keeps you liable to your goals. With daily tracking of food intake and current weight, you'll remain mindful of the things you're putting in your body.

Fat Blasting Workout Plans

Our health coach will provide you with high-intensity interval training guides that are designed to burn fat! Discover what 20-30 minutes 3 days a week can do for you!

Custom Approved Recipe Guide and Grocery List

Never wonder what's for dinner! With 100's of delicious custom approved recipes, you won't even feel like you're on a diet! (Scores bonus points for busy moms who need recipes the whole family will love!)

Doctor Formulated Protein Powder

This all-inclusive program comes with a doctor-formulated bone broth protein powder designed for a quick energy boost throughout your day! Enjoy with no harsh chemicals or byproducts! 

Exclusive Monthly Weight Loss Workshop

Listen in on Dr. Jason's exclusive monthly call where he shares his latest findings to aid your weight loss journey

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What our customers are saying...

Before and After

“I can't say enough good things about this company from the quality of the staff and the effectiveness of the program to the time they will take to make sure you understand what you need to do to be successful. They constantly tweak the program so it works for each individual and what is right for me may not be perfect for you. Weight loss is a journey. Even one that is as amazing as this one has plateaus and sometimes you go backward for a time but this am”

Jennifer, Former Client

After Client

“I’m feeling really great. This program has been amazing for me.  After 60 days I am down over 50 pounds. You don’t realize when you have weight on you that it’s always on your mind.  On vacation, I realized I was excited to put on swim trunks and go swimming. Even in the summer, I was always worried about how my summer clothes would look on me and the winter clothes were bigger and hid my weight better. I don’t have to mask being overweight any longer.”

— Josh, Former Client

After photo of client

"My whole attitude has changed. My whole being. My energy. Everything. I feel way younger. When you're carrying extra weight like that around it’s not only painful on the outside--it’s painful on the inside. I wasn’t hungry at all! It’s so worth it. Making better choices and eating healthier foods I feel so much more clear minded. I’m comfortable in my skin now, I get to go shopping in my own closet and I get to wear things that I haven’t worn in a long time. This is the first time in my life that a diet has worked for me." *

— Tonya, Former Client

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